Haleakala National Park

The awesome summit of Maui's Haleakala volcano, just over a one hour drive from the Banyan bed and breakfast inn, is inside Haleakala National Park. Famous for spectacular above the cloud sunrises, both dawn and dusk are especially magical and mysterious on the top of Maui, 10,000' above the ocean below.

Visit the Haleakala website or check out the observatories on the summit. 


Inside the crater is a uniquely spectacular environment, many plant and insect species are found nowhere else on earth. Click here for a Live Webcam view from the Crater


Haleakala crater


Haleakala has thirty-two miles of hiking trails, two campsites, and three cabins providing fantastic opportunities for hiking and exploring. The weather here is constantly changing. A gorgeous sunny day can fill up with clouds in minutes, or the clouds may break changing winter to summer in a flash!

"A lovely stay- after a fine day at Haleakala. The swimming pool and hot-tub at sunset was a perfect finale.
Mahalo Marty- your community here is a treasure!"

--- Barbara
Martha's Vineyard